I'd like a sandwich.

You have bewitched me!


No, I suppose not.


Please turn up the air conditioner.


It's not like I really want to go to Boston.

Where's Venkata going?

Show me the photographs!

Sherman spoke very well.

My mother grew pale on hearing the news.

Using Esperanto with him, I sense that we both are at the same level, at least from a linguistic point of view.

Do it later.


Something is wrong with the engine.

So what's the plan now?

I definitely wouldn't go there by myself.

A cold wave passed over Japan.

Saad backed up his data.

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I want everything in this box.

One of the downsides of living downtown is the noise you hear all day long every day of the week.

Grant tiptoed into the room.

Am I invited?

"Do you know Bradley?" "I know of him."


He escaped being run over by a hair's breadth.

That soon might change.

Have you seen Konrad and Nathan today?

Most people think computers will never be able to think.

Call me right away.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

I only have one question.

Smiling makes me happy.

Can I have a few minutes alone?

This game is easy.

I've learned a great deal about Gerard.


Something horrible has happened.

He cried in admiration of her performance.

That's embarrassing.


George isn't missing.

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Now and then, I looked up at the sky.

The gesture of adolescence, which raves for this or that on one day with the ever-present possibility of damning it as idiocy on the next, is now socialized.

Stop hitting your sister.

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Bob is also able to drive.

The vampire is sucking my blood.

Norm was promoted to first lieutenant on October 20, 2013.


I'd like to think that's true.

You should write a novel.

Incentives always help.

Who tried to kill him?

It could be objective.


You can put that down now.

The school is only a five-minute walk.

Blair didn't have the strength.

Are you going to see him again?

I'd better wake him up.

It matters little whether he comes late or not.

Is that a hint?


She's good.

We have hope.

Jagath might be able to do that, but I doubt it.

If we all pull together we should be able to get the country out of the mess it's in.

Censorship, in my opinion, is a stupid and shallow way of approaching the solution to any problem.

He let me know that he had arrived.

Can we turn on the air conditioning?

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Kurt is the best.

I believe that Juliet expects too much from us.

Sanjib and Dimitry had different ideas.

What do these symbols mean?

Please be patient with me.


They can't work.

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I think it's time for us to come to an agreement.

We're trying to study here.

How much money does Laurent make?

I saw that he came.

My wife loves fish hors d'oeuvre, so it's easier for me to get a kitchen pass for my fishing.


We're pretty pleased with that.

He's a bank officer.

Huey asked me to be more attentive.

Harris is really intense.

She flashed him her angry eyes.

The dog waited day after day for its master's return.

I'd like to see this film.


You should've turned left.

This is some type of watermelon.

No one will lay a finger on you as long as I live.

I miss this place.

I hope you had a great weekend.

"Thank you." "No, thank you."

I need to buy more anti-static sheets for the clothes dryer.

I couldn't stand the heat.

The Black Forest cake is a natural aphrodisiac.


I have been learning English for five years.

I don't see a temple.

He doesn't come to work because he's ill.


Roses emanate a sweet fragrance.


Do you want to work at a hamburger joint all your life?

What about the combination of both?

The sick person was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

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No one's ever questioned my loyalty before.

I talk too much.

Ed was on the fence.

Do you have any more advice for me?

It was easy for her to find a job.

She came here before when she was in university.

We want you to feel welcome.

In the winter, it gets dark early.

This is the gladdest I've seen him since his mother died. He'd been in a funk for so long and, God, I was so worried about him.

Let's see what needs to be done.

What's not fair?


Isn't that nice?

I've just arrived in Boston.

It was there yesterday.

When do you want to meet Theodore?

Oskar wants his children to learn French.

Hey Betty, isn't that your cat?

The operation is accompanied by a lot of pain.

Lynn awaited the news with bated breath.

Everybody's busy.


I never learned how to play tennis.


That particular person would run.

I don't sound like that.

I'll be home in time for dinner.

I know that Neil is more beautiful than I am.

I'm going to make a drink.

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I thought I had to do something.


I thought this was mine.

My daughter came to see me from time to time.

Chris risks falling behind in the science class.


Oliver seems to be unwilling to make a decision.

You never told me whether you're allergic to peanuts or not.

He disappeared into the crowd.

Stupidity is the relaxation of intelligence.

Walt works every day except Sunday.

Don't look for how to do it, find out how not to prevent yourself.

Melinda hasn't painted for years.


It must be bad.

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A Mr Smith has come to see you.


I tried to warn him about her, but he won't listen to me.

He's currently in prison for tax fraud.

Do you think you could lend me some of your records?

You missed one.

I think he has two sons.

My fate is in your hands.

I know you can't stop her.

The debate was very contentious and didn't result in any fruitful conclusions.

He approached and fell on his knees.

Dean, I'm hungry.

It wasn't my idea to hire Denis.


I happen to be a good driver.


All Peggy does is play video games and watch TV.


I'm sure Dorothy meant what he said.


Ralph seemed to be unable to concentrate.

You were a prison warden for ten years.

Did you buy the pomegranate juice?

He went to the bank and changed his money.

They open the door.

Doctor: Take a chill pill and then call me in the morning.

In this democratic age of ours men clamour for what is popularly considered the best, regardless of their feelings. They want the costly, not the refined; the fashionable, not the beautiful.

What's the side effect?

The longer you wait to tell Antony, the harder it's going to be.

We're flabbergasted.

I hate calculus.


He is full of new ideas.

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Why did Barrio stop doing what he was doing?


The town was infected by the virus and is now quarantined.